Alive Project



In your clinical practice, you are likely to choose instead to incorporate Alive with your existing training protocols for treating various conditions. The Clinical User Guide supplement contains many tips and tricks for using the advanced Graph Training features in Alive to create desired outcomes.

Alive will prove to be a renovating change to your practice. With the help of carefully and professionally designed software, patients enjoy games which will enhance their stress-coping abilities, assist peak performance training, and contribute to greater emotional and mental balance. Alive User Guide also consists of the 8-Week Program from the creator of Above & Beyond. The program will help your patients gain most out of Alive, bringing in off-screen concepts and exercises to complement the Alive software.


Alive Clinical Version – Features:

  • Skin Conductance Data (Lightstone or IOM sensors).
  • Detailed Graphs – Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Blood Volume Pulse and Skin Conductance.
  • Per-session analysis of Heart Rate, Smoothness (coherence), and Skin Conductance.
  • Training Tips and Hints, written by Yuval Oded.
  •  Multiple clients per license.
  • Therapist separate display monitor for viewing graphs and adding comments.







Alive Software and Alive & Beyond are a joint creation of Ryan Deluz, a software engineer with a background in biology and Yuval Oded, a cognitive behavioral psychologist and leading expert in biofeedback. Yuval also authored the Clinical Version User Guide Supplement.

Yuval, a consultant to the French Ministry of Defense, is a Clinical Psychologist who has developed biofeedback programs to help military personnel keep a clear head, suppress unhelpful responses to difficult situations, and manage an array of decisions and tasks. In his clinics, Yuval treats a wide array of conditions, including anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders, chronic illnesses, neurological problems, psychosomatic problems, head trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.


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